We have gorgeous flora and fauna arriving...roses, tulips, peonies, clematis, hydrangea, and more!!


Call the Studio to order one of the Signature Valentines Day Arrangements… All named after the lovely ladies in my life, see below!  


Photo by Kari Herer


Premium Valentines Day Arrangements include….

 The “Lady Gaga”… You know it, the classic! A dozen premium roses with wax flower & fauna!

In a vase - $98

In a wrap - $78 

The “Miss Mo”…Always O natural, and always with a flair of elegance! Roses, hydrangea, berries, and veronica are highlights here - mixed with various fauna.


The “Biddle”…A younger (smaller) version of the Mo - roses, hydrangea, wax and hyacinth are the highlights, again with various fauna.


The “Olive Franny”…Still simple and sweet! A glass vase of tulips, hyacinth, and hydrangea accented by fauna.


The “Reunion Farm Box”…Some of out favorite things! A wooden box of roses, ferns, berries, vines, orchids and more…compact and lush!


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